Private Couples Counseling

Converting Conflict into Connection

TWCF works with couples of diverse backgrounds and provides culturally sensitive practices that appreciate and explore the uniqueness of each couple. Such work may focus on intimacy, conflict resolution, infidelity, communication, life changes and adjustment. Couples work is oftentimes a combination of individual and couple sessions that will provide a space for couples to engage in strengthening their relationship and explore the changes necessary for building a better relationship with one another.

Couple work can also involve parent work. As couples find themselves at the head of their families, strengthening their relationship can have an influential impact on the family as a whole. Couples looking to be a force of change within their family may participate in family sessions in conjunction with couple therapy. 

If you are ready to begin working on your relationship with your partner, give us a call at 832-702-7590. 

7 Principles Program


A Saturday workshop for couples in a committed relationship.*

Dr. John Gottman revolutionized the study of relationships by using scientific procedures to observe the habits of couples in unprecedented detail. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work  summarizes his research and outlines 7 principles that can help guide couples, in any stage of their relationship, on a path towards increased love and connection.

The 7 Principles program, created by David Penner and the Gottman Institute, will provide participants the opportunity to learn about Dr. Gottman's research and the principles in a structured, and motivating atmosphere.

Expect to learn tools to help you:

  • improve friendship, fondness and admiration
  • enhance romance and intimacy
  • manage conflict constructively
  • address perpetual and solvable problems
  • create shared meaning
  • maintain gains throughout a lifetime

Break out sessions will be provided to practice the tools in private. Class time will be allowed to ask questions and receive clarification about how to use the tools more effectively.

We understand confidentiality is very important. Other than a brief introduction, personal information is not expected to be shared and will be limited in order to maintain the learning environment.

$350 per couple. To reserve your space in class, payment is due at registration. The fee includes 2 workbooks and  1 copy of the book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John Gottman

Registration fees may be refunded if cancelled by the Wednesday prior to the class. 

For more information or to register call:   832-702-7589

Participation is NOT therapy.  Fees for the workshop are not covered by insurance.

* This class is not for those couples that are experiencing significant relationship problems. If there is severe emotional,  mental, physical abuse,  untreated mental health issues, one or both partners are actively engaging in addictive/compulsive behaviors with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual acting out or other disruptive behaviors, we recommend consulting a therapist.