support for family members and caregivers

Parenting Class

Are you a parent or guardian of a teenager with intense emotional reactions, impulsivity, or high risk  behaviors.

We understand the emotional toll this can take on you. If you are in need of support  and tools for how to respond to your teen, then this the place for you.

This class is designed to learn strategies for conflict management, keeping your cool in the heat of the moment, and understanding possible dynamics perpetuating these problems.

Time and Fees

Mondays: 6:00 - 7:30 pm. 

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $40 per week for up to 2 caregivers per family. 

Class size is limited to provide plenty of opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and share ideas with each other.

Call 832-702-7590 for more information

Family Connections

BPD Affects The Whole Family

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The Family Connections Program

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